Famed Comedy Venue, First Avenue, Being Laughed At After Cancelling Dave Chappelle Show

The joke's on First Avenue, after the iconic Minneapolis comedy venue made the unpopular decision to cancel Wednesday night's Dave Chappelle show just hours before the comedy legend was scheduled to perform.

Less than 24 hours since the woke establishment - that had been posing as a comedy club - stuck their tail between their/they/them's legs, First Avenue is facing meaningful backlash for abruptly cancelling Chappelle's performance because of a petition compiling just more than 100 signatures asked the venue to do so.

First Avenue's decision - to muzzle free speech - a pillar of our great country and certainly one of the principals associated within the world of comedy, shamefully coward away from a paying audience who no doubt made plans to see Chappelle perform at the venue months in advance.

Per Variety, Chappelle's Wednesday show sold out in five minutes!

Yet, the vocal minority forced First Avenue to move the show to the nearby Varsity Theater.

Overnight the Minneapolis-based club has gone from housing laughs to laughing stock - with plenty of comedy bullets being shot in their direction.

Comedian Tim Young mocked First Avenue's statement that cited its belief in "diverse voices" as among the reasons why they opted to move Chappelle's show. In response, Young tweeted: "we believe in diverse voices ...except the ones we don't agree with," along with a clown emoji.

If that's not the definition of cancel culture, what is?

Young was hardly alone in his criticism of woke First Avenue.

Good luck to the Box Office employees tasked with selling tickets for upcoming First Avenue shows.

As fate would have it, the cowards at First Avenue who are trying their damndest to cancel free speech - and yes, comedy is free speech whether you agree with the comedian or not - managed to do nothing other than cancel themselves. Their auditorium sits empty while the nearby Varsity Theatre is booming with "overwhelming demand."

Now that's funny.


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