Ex-NFL Guys React To NFL Covid-19 Helmet Designs

Schutt Sports announced a couple weeks ago it would start selling splash shields for youth football helmets. Now comes a Covid-19 Series Helmet prototype that's being passed around social media as a possible solution to NFL guys spitting, splashing and launching general bodily fluids out of a facemask.

Will they fog up? Will players be able to breathe properly? That's where we're at with these helmets. Former Ravens linebacker Zachary Orr is already out on this stormtrooper design, but he's just a Ravens coaching analyst these days so he doesn't get a vote. Same with Geoff Schwartz.

That said, you have a former linebacker and former offensive lineman saying no way. That's not exactly a great start for this project.

Soon-to-be-rookie NFL guy Chase Young has weighed in:

Former NFL guys say the same thing:

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