ESPN Planning Revamped NFL Live with Laura Rutledge, Dan Orlovsky, Marcus Spears.

ESPN is finalizing plans to revamp NFL Live, sources tell Outkick the Coverage. The current plan is to pivot to a permanent cast of Laura Rutledge, Dan Orlovsky, and Marcus Spears.

An ESPN spokesperson declined to comment.

NFL Live currently airs from 1:30 to 3 p.m ET daily. ESPN is looking to move it later in the lineup, with 4 p.m. as a possibility.

Mina Kimes could also have a role on the show moving forward, sources add.

As the show will broadcast from Bristol, the three Get Up regulars will appear less on the morning show. Sources say Rutledge will move off her daily role on Get Up; Spears and Orlovsky will still be involved.

We've previously reported ESPN has been exploring the idea of spicing up NFL Live since after the Super Bowl. The daily NFL show rates well but has struggled to create buzz over the past three years. It's unclear what is next for Wendi Nix, the current host.

NFL Live is just one of the changes ESPN will make before the start of the football season. The network is eyeing Max Kellerman and Keyshawn Johnson for the morning radio show, has to replace Will Cain from 3-6 on radio, and is in the process of finding a new Monday Night Football booth.


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