ESPN Considering Steve Levy, Mike Greenberg to Replace Trey Wingo on NFL Draft

ESPN is considering Steve Levy and Mike Greenberg as options to replace Trey Wingo as host of the NFL Draft, sources tell Outkick.

Wingo, who since 2017 has hosted the first round, will not return to ESPN when his contract expires later in the year. The New York Post first mentioned this.

If Levy impresses this season as the voice of Monday Night Football, there’s a belief the longtime ESPN broadcaster can be the face of the network's NFL coverage.

As for Greenberg, he’d bring synergy to one of ESPN's top properties. In addition to Get Up, Greenberg recently added a daily radio show and an ESPN+ betting series to his role. If Greenberg is ultimately chosen, he would have prominent roles on the company’s TV channel, radio network, streaming service, and draft coverage. 

Given Greenberg’s multiple shows, ESPN could assign another host to take over after the first or second night as it previously did with Chris Berman and Wingo.

Sources add other candidates could receive consideration with Levy and Greenberg, the two currently being discussed.

Industry experts mention Scott Van Pelt as a strong option. However, Van Pelt’s SportsCenter airs immediately following the first round of the draft, which is one of the show’s most important nights. If Van Pelt’s name is thrown into the race, ESPN would have to decide if it’s worth taking away from its blue-chip midnight program. 

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