ESPN Bringing Back More Studio Shows Next Week

ESPN announced that the network is expanding its slate of studio programming, beginning next Monday, May 11th, with an 11-hour slate from 8 am through 7 pm ET. Here's what the schedule will look like:

The differences here versus what ESPN is airing now are essentially between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. Currently, re-airs of NFL Live and The Jump are on in that block. First Take Extra will be comprised of highlights from the morning's Max and Stephen A. debates, while Jalen & Jacoby, Highly Questionable, and Around the Horn all return for 20-minute bites. Pardon the Interruption will continue airing snippets during the 5 pm edition of SportsCenter. Scott Van Pelt will also continue to host midnight SportsCenter.

And now we continue to eagerly anticipate the return of live sports...

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