ESPN Apologizes For Kendrick Perkins Lying About Number Of White NBA MVP Voters

ESPN issued an apology for Kendrick Perkins, one of its more dull-witted employees, falsely claiming that 80 percent of NBA MVP voters are white.

Studio host Molly Qerim addressed Perkins' comments on Wednesday:

"I want to correct something here from yesterday’s show," Qerim started off. "When Kendrick Perkins said 80 percent of NBA voters for the MVP award are white, the NBA publicly announces the voters each year, and after review, it is clear the panel is much more diverse than what was portrayed by Kendrick Perkins and we wanted to make sure we corrected that today."

On Tuesday, Perkins made the above claim as JJ Redick roasted him for continuing to diminish white MVPs. Perkins says white athletes only win MVPs because of their white privilege. Or white PRIVILEGE, to be exact.

The argument is a mere means to further stoke racial animosity. And it's a bit racist in nature: white boys can't hoop. They must be getting help to win MVPs.

See, 28 of the last 33 MVPs were black. Only five were white. Yet, Perkins accuses the voters of favoring white players?

"Does he know how many voters are White actually or did he pull 80 percent out of his a--?" Charles Barkley asked.

"My point is if only five white guys have won MVP in the last 30 years, that makes zero sense – his argument. Zero sense."

Zero sense indeed.

ESPN Confirms Kendrick Perkins Is A Certified Idiot

Kendrick Perkins is territorial about white players hindering an overwhelmingly black league. He's not a proponent of diversity in the NBA.

Now, it's unclear if Perkins purposely misled the audience about the number of white voters. After all, Redick backed him into a corner. Redick embarrassed him. Made him out to be the fool he is.

So, Perkins lowering himself to a lie out of desperation would be fitting.

However, it's more likely he had no idea what he was talking about. Perhaps he saw the 80 percent statistic from one of the egg accounts he shares on his Twitter.

Kendrick Perkins is not a smart man. He's quite dumb.

As we explained, he's trying to fit into the racialized culture that has become ESPN. But he's failing. He's not witty enough to participate.

Look at his tweets. Or deleted tweets, that is. He's deranged. Emotionally unstable.

However, ESPN can't discipline Perkins out of fear he would retaliate with the race card. He's privileged that way. Or PRIVILEGED, as he would say.

But ESPN knows it whiffed on hiring Perkins after receiving a call from a league partner -- the NBA -- to correct his false claim about voters.

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