Enjoy Rep. Jayapal's Maskless Birthday Party on Camera While Wearing Your Mask

"Climate action cannot wait any longer." That's the message Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) tweeted late Monday night.

Focusing on climate action is a good idea for Rep. Jayapal. Anything to distract from her mockable sense of entitlementOn Monday, Jayapal celebrated her birthday with a maskless group of people. Luckily for those not invited, Rep. Rashida Tlaib caught the moment on camera. Enjoy:

Jayapal, if needed, will discredit Spencer Brown's point by saying her comments that maskless Americans are "cruel" and that Congress should fine members who leave their masks at home were made pre-vaccine. Jayapal made these remarks in January and February when the vaccine distribution was in the early stages. That would have been a sufficient rebuttal, had Jayapal stopped her preaching there. However, she did not.

As recently as August, Jayapal has continued to demand Americans, regardless of vaccination status, mask-up at all times.

"Wear your mask. Get your shot. Protect your community. Save lives," Jayapal tweeted a few weeks ago. 

"When this pandemic started, we watched older Americans die as Trump & COVID-deniers fought mask mandates & social distancing," Jayapal adds. "Now we watch younger Americans die as GOP Governors & deniers fight vaccinations & mask mandates. Enough. Wear masks. Get vaccinated. Save lives."

That's for you. Put on your mask, save your community, and stop killing people. It is the least you can do after what Jayapal and her high-level friends have done for you.

I wrote about this mindset yesterday. Our country's most protected group -- media members, Democrat politicians, and residents of Silicon Valley and Hollywood -- believe we couldn't survive without their commands. Otherwise, we'd all die. So if you don't fall into that sophisticated category, which the New York Times determines, you must listen to the ruling class. Elitist leaders will make the decisions you are not qualified to make. Look at the country as our leaders do: they are the caretakers and average Americans require 24/7 care. Jayapal's actions make sense through that lens. For that, she'd appreciate a thank you.

Furthermore, Rep. Jayapal probably even had to provide her services to the less qualified on her birthday. Heroes don't get days off, after all. So put on your mask, follow Jayapal on Twitter, and obey.

Now, back to that climate action.

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