Dustin Johnson & Paulina Gretzky Seem Relaxed While Bryson's Busy Crushing Protein Shakes

Does this look like a world's number one golfer who has a care in the world? Does Dustin Johnson, 36, look like he's worried about some protein shake-pounding weirdo who nerds out on yardage books while trying to figure out the ultimate ball flight?

From the content DJ and baby mama Paulina Gretzky pumped out Wednesday, it doesn't appear either of them is sweating the Protein Pump as the golf season now heads towards a November Masters. Instead, DJ and Wayne's daughter went out of the boat and fired up the Instagram machine, something we haven't seen out of the Pageviews Queen in quite a long time.

The top four in the World Golf Rankings stayed the same after the U.S. Open: DJ, Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas and Rory. Bryson DeChambeau shot up to No. 5 from No. 9 with his big win.

Does this look like a guy who's worried about DeChambeau at Augusta? DJ knows how bad Paulina wants that green jacket. This is the year.

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