Duke University Hospital Reportedly Refuses Kidney Transplant To Unvaccinated 14 Year Old

Alex Berenson, a former New York Times investigative reporter, reported a story on his Substack Wednesday about a 14-year-old girl who was refused a kidney transplant at Duke University Hospital due to not being vaccinated for COVID-19.

Berenson has become a strong source for COVID information throughout the pandemic. Twitter kicked him off the platform and subsequently reinstated him after he sued. He's been far more correct about the virus than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

According to Berenson, Yulia Hicks would need to get the vaccine before the hospital would perform her surgery. Hicks, who is originally from Ukraine, already had COVID and has recovered.

Berenson spoke to Hicks' adoptive parents who shared with him a recorded phone call between them and the girl's doctors.

From Berenson's article: "To pressure Chrissy and Lee into giving Yulia a Covid shot, the physicians have overestimated the efficacy of the jabs. On a Nov. 29 phone call that Yulia’s parents recorded, Dr. Dan Chang, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, claimed that the shots 'prevent severe disease and death.' ... Dr. Chang also told Yulia’s parents that the Covid jabs would help Yulia even though she had already had Covid. 'The natural immunity is not as good as if you had natural immunity plus vaccination,' he said.

Dr. Chambers said Duke was not forcing Yulia to receive a Covid shot, only recommending it. She then added, 'if you don’t follow these things, Yulia can’t be a transplant candidate here.'"

OutKick reached out to Duke University Hospital to confirm the story and they did not deny the account but they also did not provide further comment.

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