DraftKings College Football Preview: Championship Week

Welcome to the final edition of Outkick the Coverage's weekly DraftKings college football preview, the only daily fantasy preview on the 'net which guarantees you'll win millions simply for reading!

(Disclaimer: Millions will not actually be earned simply by reading).

After a one week hiatus, we are back, like Les Miles at LSU, for what might be one final run.

It's crazy that we're at this point--our final preview heading into Championship Weekend--and oh boy have we learned a lot. From our early days playing Christian Hackenberg (lesson learned: never play Christian Hackenberg), to the mid-season doldrums where we loaded our roster every week with Baylor and Texas Tech players (call me, Patrick Maholmes) to these final few weeks, where we pieced together lineups through injury and adversity (most of that "adversity" coming when I cut my finger a few weeks ago, and was unsure of whether I'd be able to write this article. But I pressed on, for you, the reader).  

Point is, it's been a long season.

But for one final time, here's who we're picking this week.


Cody Kessler, USC ($6,500)

Part of having success in Daily Fantasy isn't just going for the big, home run hitters, but the guys who will be consistent, and will consistently put up stats for you.  

And if there's one word to describe Cody Kessler's career at USC, wouldn't it be "consistent?"

No, the guy isn't great. No, we won't be bouncing our grandkids on our laps in 30 years, telling them about our favorite Cody Kessler moments from 2015 ("you see little Johnny, there was this time against Colorado, where Cody hit this perfect check-down pass to the running back for 11 yards and a first down. It was splendid").

But above all, he is consistent.

Kessler has thrown for at least 175 yards in every game since Clay Helton has been named head coach and has tossed at least two touchdowns in each of the last four. And going against a Stanford defense that was inconsistent at best against Notre Dame, and downright awful at worst, I think he can continue to put up similar numbers this week.

No, Cody Kessler alone won't pick you up a win Saturday. But he won't lose things for you either.

Nick Mullens, Southern Miss ($7,300)

Mullens has been my sneaky good Daily Fantasy play all season long, the guy I have quietly snuck into my lineup, quietly told my friends about, and quietly watched---

Ok, that's all a lie.

I'm so, so, so sorry for lying to you.

The simple truth is, I have never once played Mullens in my Daily Fantasy lineup, and frankly hadn't heard of him until a few weeks ago. 

I hope you'll forgive me, especially after I tell you what he's done the last few weeks.

Can you believe he's thrown for a staggering 18 touchdowns with just two picks in the last five games, with Southern Miss scoring 44 points in each of those five games, and winning six straight overall?

Those are all real stats, and what I would add is this: How many times have we entered championship weekend with one team clearly favored in the public's eyes (like Western Kentucky is), getting all the hype, all the pats on the back... and then we see that same team crash and burn and get upset in their conference title game?

This feels like one of those games, and Mullens feels like one of my best Daily Fantasy plays all year.

Running back:

Devin Chafin, Baylor ($5,600)

The best way to sum up last week's Baylor-TCU game is described in a tweet I sent out last Friday while watching: Much like a wild boys trip to Vegas, I think we all, as a collective college football nation need to agree to never, ever, under any circumstances discuss that game again.

Are we all in agreement?


Oh, wait.

Before we stop discussing it, I did want to add one thing: While the game was largely forgettable, Chafin is a damn good running back, especially when he gets the ball, and when he isn't playing in a monsoon. Chafin was just about the only reliable threat for Baylor all game long, and incredibly, his 126 yards accounted for over a third of their offense overall.

Assuming Shock Linwood isn't ready to go Saturday (Art Briles says he'll be fine, but will he really play a banged up kid, in what amounts to a meaningless game against an overmatched opponent?), Chafin could be in for a big day.

And now that I'm done talking about Chafin, we are never allowed to discuss Baylor-TCU again.

Jordan Canzeri, Iowa ($5,900)

I'll be honest: This one is just a hunch.

All week long, heck, for the last month really, all we've heard is how Iowa has no shot coming into this game and will get smoked by whoever comes out of the Big Ten East. After hearing that for a month, you don't think they'll be fired up?

Now I'm not saying the Hawkeyes will win, but it will be close, and I do expect a big game for Canzeri. For all the talk about how good Michigan State's defensive line is (which it is), Canzeri has had some of his biggest games against the Hawkeyes best opponents (rushing for over 100 yards against Wisconsin and Nebraska).

Again, it's just a hunch.

But I think Canzeri runs the ball well, and Iowa keeps things close.

Wide receivers:

Ryan Switzer, North Carolina ($5,000)
Mack Hollins, North Carolina ($4,500)

A couple quick thoughts on the North Carolina-Clemson game.

Like a lot of you, I don't just think UNC can hang but can win this game outright. The last few weeks Clemson has been playing with fire, playing down to their competition, and winning games in a lot closer fashion than they should. Heck, for all the talk about their "big" win against Florida State, that was a one-possession game until there were just two minutes to go.

Point being, I think that Clemson is ripe for an upset. Especially against a North Carolina club that can put up points.

For those of you who haven't seen the Tar Heels this season, Switzer and Hollins are two of their most consistent daily fantasy guys. Switzer is the steady receiver that you can count on for five or six catches a game plus some yardage in the return game. Hollins, on the other hand, is the deep threat that could catch a TD pass on just about any play from scrimmage.

Simply put, I think the Tar Heels will be able to move the ball and put up points on Clemson.

And I think both these guys are a big reason why.

Taywan Taylor, Western Kentucky ($5,900)

Speaking of big play receivers, Taylor is the best pass-catcher, on one of the most explosive offenses in college football. He leads Western with 71 catches this season, and his 15 touchdowns are second most in the country behind only Corey Coleman.

Plus, remember what I said earlier in the article about Southern Miss: They can, and will score, meaning that Western will be forced to throw the ball all afternoon long.

This seems like a high-scoring shootout, and Taylor seems like a smart Daily Fantasy bet.


Deon Cain, Clemson ($4,900)

The first line of Cain's Daily Profile on DraftKings.com says the following:

"He's caught a touchdown catch in each of the last five games."

For $4,900, that's all I needed to hear.  

Chance Allen, Houston ($4,200)

So you're telling me that for $4,200, I get the second best receiver, on an explosive offense, playing for a team who will be fired up after their coach just signed a massive extension that will keep him in town for at least one more season? Where do I sign up?

Oh, wait I just did.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for reading this season!

We'll be sure to do one final preview before the playoff games!

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