Donald Trump: My Base Hates What Fox News Is Doing

President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with David Brody of Christian Broadcasting Network, and reiterated his recent spate of complaints with Fox News:

"I don't like what they're doing at Fox News," Trump said. "They have people on that network that are horrible, vicious. You have people who work for Schumer. You have people who are unbelievably against us and viciously, and they spew lies. Commentators. I'm not happy with Fox. I'll tell you that right now. People think I should be happy. I'm not happy with Fox at all. All I do is give them good ratings."

"Frankly, my supporters feel the same way," Trump continued. "There was a study the other day -- believe it or not in the Washington Post -- that I have probably possibly the strongest base in the history of politics. My base hates what Fox News is doing. Compare them to the old days with Roger Ailes. You have to understand -- we're against CNN and MSDNC, which ... you know what that is. They're two horrible networks. They put nothing ever positive. Whereas Fox News wants to be politically correct all of a sudden ... Roger Ailes would've never let this happen."

We broke down the back story of Trump vs. Fox boss Rupert Murdoch -- in which Murdoch reported expressed his belief that Trump would crash and burn in November's election, and Trump has been touting Fox News competitor OAN -- a few weeks ago.

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