Don Lemon Tipped Off Jussie Smollett That Police Didn’t Believe His Attack Story

Everybody's favorite CNN anchor Don Lemon doesn't just report the liberal news, he apparently also spends time working as a "tipster" -- at least for friends of his who commit crimes. Jussie Smollett told a court room on Monday that Lemon texted him to say that the Chicago Police Department didn’t believe his account of what happened during his 2019 "attack," per Fox News’ Matt Finn.

Smollett, 39, has been charged with six counts of felony disorderly conduct for making what prosecutors are calling a false police report about the alleged 2019 attack, which Smollett is accused of staging. He faces one count of felony disorderly conduct for each false report he gave — to three different officers.

While on the stand Monday, Smollett said that part of the reason he chose not to hand his cellphone over to the police was because of a text he received from Lemon warning him that the authorities didn't buy his race-attack story.

Curiously, despite covering the Smollett trial on Monday as part of his nightly CNN show, Lemon failed to note that his name had been mentioned in the courthouse earlier that afternoon. And it's not like he didn't know. CNN has their own correspondent, Omar Jimenez, stationed in Chicago to cover the trial.

Jimenez and Lemon discussed the trial on air, but never once discussed the fact that Smollett had specifically mentioned Lemon by name during his testimony. Lemon, who rarely turns down an opportunity to talk about himself -- especially if he can paint himself as a victim -- has yet to comment on Smollett's courtroom admission.

Smollett is expected to take the stand again today as the trial continues. Stay tuned to anyone other than CNN for accurate reporting on Lemon and his texting pal.


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