Don Lemon Now Wants A Female President And Likes His Female Co-Hosts Amid Anti-Woman Rehab

Don Lemon wants his viewers to think he likes women.

Last month, Lemon scoffed at Nikki Haley's bid for president because of her age. Lemon said women over 40 are damaged goods, "past their primes." Haley is 51, a decade past her good years.

His little rant got him in trouble with his female co-hosts and male boss. CEO Chris Licht sentenced Don to "formal training" for the remark.

Lemon is now trying to overcorrect for disclosing how he feels about women. He hopes to convince the masses he's not the sexist pig various reports say he is.

So, on Wednesday, he pretended to be outraged because a woman does not possess the U.S. presidency.

 'Christiane, what is going on?' he asked Iranian journalist Christiane Amanpour on why the U.S. hasn't elected a woman.

"There are so many places around the world where there have been women leaders who are running the country... but not in the biggest democracy in the world?' said Lemon.

As the Daily Mail notes, Lemon has also changed his tone toward the females on set. Previously, he berated co-host Kaitlan Collins behind the scenes for talking too much on his show.

Now, it's all it's "a pleasure to see you" to the ladies. Don is now a gentleman.

Was Lemon's anti-woman rehab a success?

Perhaps. Or he's still a vile fraud.

Either way, CNN hopes Lemon can convince viewers more than just that he's not a sexist. The network hopes he can prove he's not an unlikeable bub, the consensus opinion of him.

As per the ratings, viewers don't like Don Lemon. Viewers especially detest seeing him in the early hours, to where CNN demoted him from primetime.

CNN hit its lowest ratings in February since 2012. February was the third lowest-rated month of this century.

And while each host contributed to the collapse, including Anderson Cooper, no one was more responsible for the tank than Don Lemon.

It was Lemon in the morning who sunk the channel to historical lows of which the afternoon hosts could not dig themselves out.

The negative perception of Don Lemon' among viewers outstrips his negative perception among women -- including women past their primes.

Though it's close.

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