Do As I Say, Not As I Do: NYC School Chancellor Goes Maskless Inside School

If New York City school teachers are still forming their curriculum, they may want to start the year by teaching students the definition of hypocrite. Turns out, they could even do a little show and tell with current NYC school chancellor Meisha Porter. After mandating masks for schools, Porter was posing for photos within NYC schools earlier this week, all while maskless.

After multiple pictures of a maskless Porter made their way to the internet, social media users were left with more questions than answers.

"Thought you all wanted masks?" said one tweet.

Another confused person replied: "No mask? Do as I say not as I do???"

It didn't end there. The comments questioning Porter's hypocrisy continued.

"You make kids wear masks but not yourself? Grotesque" read another tweet.

"I hear there’s a stupid mask mandate. Where’s yours?? Or is it only for the filthy kids…?! " wrote another user.