Distraction Tactics: While Nation Focuses On Joe's Acuity, Potential Dem Voters Cross Border | Tomi Lahren

Folks, I’ve come to the conclusion that if Democrats or hacks in the media pass something off as a conspiracy theory, there’s a pretty good chance it’s not. 

And now you can add "illegals voting" to that very long list.

Check this out, House Democrats and your failing president are united in their efforts to torpedo the SAVE ACT, a Republican bill that would require voters to provide proof of citizenship to cast ballots in federal elections. 

Democrats are opposed to safeguarding elections from voter fraud?! Knock me over with the world’s lightest feather!

Shoot, it’s almost like the wide open border that’s allowed millions and millions of illegals into our country was all part of the plan! 

I mean, that’s pretty much the only reason Democrats would oppose proof of citizenship requirements for federal elections, right? 

Democrats are great at developing BS excuses for their "real" reasons for opposing a common sense law which would make voter fraud much harder, but I’m not sure they can even come up with enough bologna to spin this one. 

And ya know what, my friends, this is a very important thing to watch. In my opinion, the MOST important.

Democrats are not happy they’ve gotta deal with their Joe problem, but I tell ya what, they probably prefer talking about their dementia candidate than all of the young women and innocent Americans being slaughtered and raped by their precious illegal aliens…

They’d rather talk about Joe’s failing brain than the millions of illegals their policies have allowed in to bankrupt our communities and stress our already limited resources.

It’s important that we as conservatives, as Trump supporters, as patriots DO NOT take our eye off the ball here. 

Over the last two weeks we’ve been consumed with talking about Joe and the bait and switch and the DNC plan and that’s important, I’ve been talking about it for years. 

BUT, while all of that is happening, we are still being invaded by illegals and Democrats are still working all the angles to get them voting. 

If you’ve got millions of illegals on your voter rolls, you can run a corpse and win.

Does that sound like a conspiracy theory? Look around. 

This is not a test. This is real life and it’s coming at us real fast.

Those are my Final Thoughts.

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