Disney's Reputation Plummets Following 'Don't Say Gay' Opposition

In 2014, Axios Harris found Disney carried a reputation score of 83 out of 100. The score represents measurements across multiple dimensions such as character, trust, and trajectory.

That number has since declined to 70.9.

The company now ranks as the fifth most polarizing brand of the 100.

Axios cites "polarizing political drama" for the precipitous fall. Specifically, the study references Disney's tangling with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over students' LGBTQ+ rights.

"In voicing opposition to DeSantis' so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill last year, Disney gained favor with Democrats but took such a large reputation hit with Republicans that its overall reputation score was severely impacted," adds the study.

Disney's reputation increased to 80.3 from 72.5 among Democrats, while it plunged to 61 from 75 among Republicans. That's a gap of 19.3, 14.9 points higher than the average.

All in, Disney lost momentum across each of the nine attributes the poll measured:

"Disney lost 6.2 points in perceptions of future growth, 4.3 points on citizenship ('shares my values' and 'supports good causes') and 2.9 points on ethics."

Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema says the fall in popularity was expected.

"The lesson here is that when you divide you subtract. When you divide audiences, you're ultimately going to be subtracting customers for your business."

Ain't that the truth?

And divide Disney did in rejecting a bill -- known as "Don't Say Gay" -- that sought to prohibit teachers from discussing sexual matters with students in third grade or lower.

Thereby mending fences with Republicans will be a challenge. As we discussed in a Monday column -- titled Our Leaders Decalred Ward On The Truth -- the sexual indoctrination of young kids threatens to permanently divide the country.

In short:

Womanface, as we call it, is the appropriation of gender — specifically of women. It’s the most destructive lie of a generation.

The trans movement is not metaphorical. It’s literal.

“Gender affirming” is a type of propaganda that threatens to separate the country to a point beyond reconciliation.

The idea that gender is a mask and children have an inherent right to participate is a chasm with which even the more tolerable cannot forgive, understand, or compromise.

Perhaps erasing women and severing body parts is where the line of unification is drawn. Gender ideology is a product of a lie that may permanently divide the nation.

Disney sent its most aggressive political message to date in its opposition to a bill inaccurately dubbed "Don't Say Gay."

And half the country sent a message back.

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