Disney Can't 'Woke' From Nightmare Bill DeSantis Is Set To Sign

Florida Republican lawmakers are kicking Walt Disney where it counts, and now Gov. Ron DeSantis needs only to sign off on it to make it official. And he most definitely will.

As relayed by Lydia Nusbaum of Florida's Voice, this vote came as the state's lawmakers approved DeSantis' congressional map, leaving Democrats withering and whining on the House floor.

The bill that strips Disney of its power to govern itself was approved by a 70-38 count.

"The vote took place amid chaos heard on the House floor from Democrats and activists screaming in protest to the redistricting bill that passed minutes prior," Florida's Voice wrote.

“Not only have we allowed this independent special district to be created, but we have given it extraordinary powers that other special districts do not have,” Republican Rep. Randy Fine said.

Republican lawmakers took notice after Disney came out against the Parental Rights in Education Act, which has incorrectly been dubbed the "Don't Say Gay Bill" by Democrats and their many minions in the mainstream media.

"DeSantis and other Republicans were staunch supporters of the new act that bans teachers from instructing children as young as 5 about sexual orientation," Florida's Voice wrote. "Disney came out against the legislation and vowed to have it 'repealed.'"

But Republicans strongly supported the new act that bans teachers from offering lessons on sexual orientation to children as young as 5.

“When you poke the bear or you kick the bees nest, sometimes issues come out,” Fine said Tuesday in committee. “And I think that when the bees nest got kicked, based on how a guest in our state chose to comport itself, I think what ended up happening was the idea of special districts were taken a look at.”