Dilemma: When Should You Put Up Your Christmas Tree?

The most stressful moment of the holiday season begins the morning after Thanksgiving. Not only because the realization sets in that Thanksgiving -- the best annual holiday -- has passed, but because it signals decision time: when should you put up the Christmas tree?

You don't want to light the tree too early and provoke your neighbors' wives to pressure their husbands into matching your early Christmas spirit. If you put the tree up early, you probably won't get invited to the Rose Bowl watch-along down the road with the guys.

On the other hand, if you wait too long, you risk drive-bys looking into your window assuming you're either a Grinch or a loser.

So when is the right time to put up the tree? Axios Local searched for answers across the country in a new survey.

Voters overwhelmingly say you should put up the Christmas tree between the day after Thanksgiving and before December. Here are the full results:

It's troubling to see that more people prefer putting up the tree before Thanksgiving (20.5%) than in early December (17%). The Buracks -- always ahead of the game and smarter than the pack -- put up the tree on December 1, right as the 25 Days of Christmas specials begin to air. 

For those of you who use only a digital Christmas tree on your SmartTV, this survey is not for you. Average Americans cannot comment on your advanced thinking at this time.

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