Did The Bruins Photoshop Boston Police Off Charlie Coyle's Shirt?

Did the Boston Bruins communications/art department Photoshop the Boston Police Department off Charlie Coyle's shirt or did Coyle just magically change into a plain black t-shirt to shoot hoops inside the Raptors facility in Toronto? That's the drama in Boston this morning where fans are convinced there's a conspiracy going on and the Bruins have resorted to using Photoshop to erase mention of the Boston PD from social media channels.

Turtle Boy Sports has a rather lengthy investigation that includes Bruins front office staff, a Boston Globe reporter and the belief that a conspiracy has developed and it all has to due with a social justice crusade.

We'll just focus on the Charlie Coyle shirt side of things. The evidence here seems to be a slam dunk. I'm sure the Bruins will have an answer as to where the Boston PD logo went on the Coyle photos. My guess is that there will be a multiple t-shirts defense used.

First, the video of Charlie Coyle in the dressing room in his Boston PD shirt:

Charlie Coyle in the black shirt shooting hoops. Now open up the upper left photo. Look closely. It appears the Photoshop tech missed something:

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