Detroit Lions 'Preparing' to Host Fans at All Eight Home Games

This football season is going to be fascinating with regards to regional regulations and institutional decisions about whether and how many fans are allowed at football games. The University of Texas has been aiming for a half-full stadium. In the NFL, the Falcons are planning on having some fans at games, and the Packers are hoping to as well.

This week, the Detroit Lions sent a letter to season ticketholders saying that they are "preparing" to host an unspecified amount of fans at all eight of their home games, but acknowledged that it will be up to local regulations (via NFL reporter Adam Caplan):

Based on the letter, it looks like, however many fans are allowed, the only people who will be allowed to purchase tickets will be season ticketholders as opposed to single game buyers.

The NFL season is slated to kick off a month from Monday. It is going to be very interesting how this all plays out with regards to fans in the stands not just in football but all sports this Fall.

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