Denmark Announces It Will Lift All COVID Restrictions, Including Passports

Denmark announced Friday that it is ending all restrictions related to COVID-19 starting September 10 and one health official went as far as saying the virus is "no longer a critical threat to society," due to the country's vaccination level.

Magnus Heunicke from the Danish health ministry said that the COVID epidemic is "under control" and that means the country can drop all rules, including COVID passports used to get into bars, movie theaters, gyms, sporting events and hair salons.

COVID vaccination data shows that 71% of Denmark's population has been vaccinated, making it the third-most vaccinated country in the world.

Even with the end of COVID as a "critical threat" to Denmark, the country will still recommend that people with weakened immune systems receive a vaccine booster.

Back in September 2020, Denmark sent its children back to school without masks. Great Britain has sent children back to school without masks. Denmark even went a step further and told children that there was no need for social distancing. Instead, the children were told that hygiene was their first priority.

In a New York Times story published Friday, the newspaper took a look at how masks aren't required of school students in Great Britain. In the late spring to early summer, Britain handled the Delta variant in schools by...wait for it...not requiring masks. Elementary students and teachers didn't wear the masks AT ALL.

Again, this is coming straight out of the New York Times.

“The U.K. has always, from the beginning, emphasized they do not see a place for face coverings for children if it’s avoidable,” pediatric infectious disease expert Dr. Shamez Ladhani told the Times.

Go ahead and print that one out for your local school boards to read.


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