Democratic Politician Katie Porter Reportedly Fired a Staffer For Allegedly Giving Her COVID

If you thought the left would ever come back to reality on COVID, California Democrat Katie Porter is here to prove they aren’t.

Porter allegedly made one of the most ridiculous possible decisions; firing a staffer this year for supposedly giving her COVID.

Unfortunately, the story broke just a day too late to make the ”worst of 2022” list.


She’s denied the allegations, claiming instead that the employee had completed a “fellowship.” But a text message conversation and the dates involved seem to show a different story.

Reason’s Robby Soave tracked down Sasha Georgiades, the affected staffer and spoke to her about the incident.

According to the article, Georgiades fellowship was scheduled to end in August 2022. But her employment was abruptly terminated weeks earlier, on July 9th after contracting COVID.

A text message conversation between Georgiades and Porter went public on Thursday, and Georgiades confirmed its authenticity.

The conversation tells one of the most ridiculous stories possible. The implication is that Porter fired someone for the crime of getting her mildly ill with an unavoidable virus.

That is a totally inexcusable series of messages. And more importantly, displays a blistering ignorance of COVID reality that’s all too common on the left.

Porter Punishes Employee for COVID

In her interview with Reason, Georgiades explained that her violation of office policy was to not test immediately after feeling sick.

But she had a totally reasonable explanation for the “delay,” which already far outpaced what most normal people would do in her situation.

"At the time I felt okay, just sore as if had worked out too hard. It was hard to differentiate until the next morning and as soon as I felt sick I took a test, told the district director I had it, and stayed home,” she said.

For that crime, Porter shut her out and never spoke to her again. Makes perfect sense.

Porter’s frustration stemmed from saying she had no one to watch her children. Yet Georgiades said Porter’s calendar showed she was supposed to be 3,000 miles away from her kids regardless.

Assuming the authenticity of the messages, it certainly seems that Porter was proud of ”avoiding” COVID and annoyed she got it.

But there are several problems with this. First, and most importantly, everyone will get COVID, regardless of how they attempt to avoid it.

Secondly, the consequence of her illness was a sore throat.

Seems totally worth firing someone over, doesn’t it?

Porter also seemed willing to make her children wear ineffective N95 masks too, because of course she did.

The inability of vaccinated and boosted people to move on from COVID is having real world consequences. Firing staffers for allegedly transmitting an unavoidable virus is inexcusable.

But that seems to be exactly what Katie Porter did.

If Democrats are willing to act like this in 2022, when will they ever stop?

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