Democratic House Candidate Drunkly Insulted Teen Girls at Sleepover

Beware the next time you host a sleepover in the vicinity of Abby Broyles, a Democratic candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

As reported by and the New York Post, Broyles recently showed up at a friend's house while drunk, and she then berated a group of pre-teen girls who were there having a sleepover.

"According to multiple accounts of the evening, Broyles became intoxicated and spoke derogatorily to some of the girls," NonDoc's Matt Patterson reports. "She allegedly called one girl an 'acne fucker,' which prompted the girl to leave the room in tears. Broyles allegedly called another girl a 'Hispanic fucker' and another a 'judgy fucker.'"

So Broyles never had acne when she was a teen, obviously.

Near the end of the evening, Broyles vomited into a laundry basket and one girl’s shoe. It's like high school prom all over again.

At first, Broyles denied having such an episode, calling the allegations a "political attack."

“I have been out of town on a fundraising trip, and are awful and offensive and false,” Broyles says. “I mean, I get trolled on Twitter all the time, but I don’t know these women and I don’t know what is behind this, but it’s just not true.”

But then Broyles changed the story, quickly backtracking on her denial.

In an interview with KFOR-TV, Broyles confessed she was, indeed, at the home in which the sleepover had taken place. Broyles next blamed her friend for giving her medication that sparked an "adverse reaction."

“She asked me to come over. She asked me to bring some wine. We had wine and sushi and a couple of hours later, we were upstairs in their theater room watching a movie,” Broyles adds.

“For years I have struggled with stress and anxiety and insomnia. I took the bar exam on 2 hours of sleep. I mean, this is how far this goes back for me. And she knows that. And she gave me a medication I had never taken before. And I don’t remember anything until I woke up or came to, and I was throwing up in a hamper.”

Broyles concludes that her actions are regrettable. That's correct.

Rough deal. That pre-teen girl will never be able to wear those vomit-filled shoes again. Remember that, Oklahoma voters.

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