Democrat Rep. Cori Bush Posts Racist Tweet About Rep. Byron Donalds Speakership Nom

Rep. Byron Donalds' (R-FL) nomination for the speakership is bringing out the racism in Washington from Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO).

Wednesday marked the first time two black candidates for Speaker of the House — Donalds and Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York — were nominated simultaneously.

By definition, that's historic. But according to Bush, it's distasteful.

Rep. Bush tweeted through her issues with The House Freedom Caucus nominating Donalds as an alternative to Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who did not secure the necessary 218 votes needed.

", [Donalds] is not a historic candidate for Speaker. He is a prop," Bush claimed on Twitter. "Despite being Black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy."

"His name being in the mix is not progress—it’s pathetic," she continued.

Upholding white supremacy, hey?

Suffice to say Bush wants nothing less than a black GOP speaker to lead the House. Such an outcome would contradict the Democrats' hypothesis that their Republican counterparts are purveyors of systemic racism.

As a result, Bush responded to Donalds' nomination with an overtly racist tweet. She grossly belittled him down to his skin color.

In her mind, he's merely a black man -- his only value is his skin tone.

Ironically, the Left spends remarkable time searching for proof that racism against black people exists on a macro-level in the country. Of course, the Left often fails as the demand so greatly outstrips the supply.

Yet here is the exact type of racism progressives actively seek to uncover, an influential individual using her platform to demean a black man on the basis of his skin color.

So, will the Racism Task Force in the media discuss Bush's bigotry?

Will MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and "The View" spend ample segments condemning the racist rhetoric of a progressive congresswoman?

You already know the answer.

It's called a double standard, one that benefits hypocrites like Cori Bush.

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