Daytona International Speedway Hosting Drive-Thru High School Graduations

We remain in a stretch in America where we yearn for uplifting stories, so here is some fun news: Daytona International Speedway will be hosting drive-thru graduations for Flagler-Palm Coast and Matanzas high schools on May 31st.

Per the Daytona Beach News-Journal, this idea came to Daytona speedway president Chip Wile in a dream, and the next morning he worked with his team to determine that it was a plausible reality. Graduates will be permitted to take a "victory lap" around the speedway with their families, limited to one car per student.

Obviously, it sucks for these high school students that coronavirus cut short their school year -- the time in senior year of high school between when you've gotten into college and when you graduate, commonly referred to as the "senior slump," is among the highlights of youth.

But, the silver lining for these students is that they'll have a graduation ceremony that will be a lot cooler and more memorable than they otherwise would have. The dirty secret of graduation ceremonies is that they are interminably boring, especially if you are in a class with hundreds of other students. The several seconds of glory on stage does not make up for what essentially amounts to an announcer reading through a phone book. This will be much more fun.

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