Dana White Officially Hires Best Buy Security Guard Summer Tapasa As UFC Security Officer

It's official, Dana White has hired new security muscle at the UFC in the form of Hawaiian Summer Tapasa, who found fame as a Best Buy security guard who absolutely manhandled a thief who was trying to leave her store with a speaker. Summer was fired for the absolute -- and fair -- destruction of the punk. Store footage eventually made its way to Dana White and he brought her to the mainland for UFC 246 and offered her a job.

"She went back to Hawaii and weighed all her options," White said on a video posted Wednesday night. "Well, she decided to come work for the UFC so she’s now a UFC employee. All you people thinking about f**kin’ around here at the UFC, you’ll get your ass whooped by Summer."

Summer jumped on the video and said she's been working for the organization for eight days and is looking forward to expanding her career and "hopefully moving on up.”

Moving on up to destroying people in the octagon perhaps? Dana's an absolute genius for bringing Summer in and giving people who are hungry a shot at advancing their careers.

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