Dana White Has Finally 'Moved On' From Jon Jones Fight Talks

Jon Jones may not be convinced that his UFC career is over, despite UFC President Dana White sounding 100% clear on how he sees the fighter’s future in the sport. 

According to TMZ Sports, Dana White approached the situation with a firm message as to whether the UFC would see another fight out of Jones. 

"Yeah, I've absolutely moved on ... "Listen, I put on fights every Saturday. We have a window where we try to build some fights and make some things happen. If the fights don't happen within that window, we move on, and realistically, I mean I've been saying it since the beginning, Derrick Lewis is the guy who should be getting the title shots. He beat Francis Ngannou. He's next in line, he's coming off of great performances and that's a wrap. We're moving on." 

Dana White has long been at odds with the fighter, whose past issues with failed drug tests have started chipping away at the legacy left behind by the former champion. 

Jon Jones remains a star among UFC fans everywhere after witnessing nearly a decade of dominance. With wins against Lyoto Machida, Alexander Gustafsson, Daniel Cormier, and Rashad Evans, there are few doubters who can see Jones come back to the Octagon and not give him a solid shot even against Francis Ngannou. 

Ngannou won the UFC Heavyweight Champion title after defeating Stipe Miocic at UFC 260. 

Dana noted that Bones’ status as an “undefeated” fighter Jones continues to give him a strong case for UFC’s all-time best, but the one defeat via DQ given to Jones by Dana has been engraved in the fighter’s record and psyche ... which could have been a cheap shot by Dana.  

Jones is bound to scrap his way back into the Octagon even if White isn’t looking to give him one last shot at the title.  

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