Cristiano Ronaldo To The NBA? No, But His Teammate Thinks Ronaldo Could Hoop

Cristiano Ronaldo leaving soccer for the NBA would be nothing more than a dream, but one of his teammates claims he could do it. Miralem Pjanic, who spent the last two years alongside Ronaldo with Juventus, explained why the transition would work.

"I think Cristiano, because he has many qualities, Pjanic told NBA virtual Celebrity Row. "He has a good structure, he jumps very high, he's fast. If he's not bad with his hands, I think he could be a good basketball player."

Ronaldo is easily one of the most athletic soccer players of all time, making the argument against a transition...tough. Cristiano would surely need to style after former Suns point guard Steve Nash to play with a 6' 1" frame.

We've fantasized NBA stars like LeBron James snapping his helmet for a Super Bowl Sunday, so why can't we do the same here?

Golf star Gary Woodland played college basketball that led to a freshman-year matchup with the Butler forward...Gordon Hayward. The game went so poorly for Woodland that he decided to quit basketball and leave Washburn University to become a Kansas Jayhawk golfer.

Plenty athletes show the ability to use their god-like talents in sports they weren't known for. Cardinals Receiver Larry Fitzgerald has turned a 17-year football career into an eight handicap...

Projecting players into different sports always seems to ruffle feathers by making fans feel anyone can just walk into your sport at will. Everyone wants their favorite sport to be the most sophisticated.

How often have we heard that no matter how great an athlete is, he would still struggle hitting a 95 MPH fastball? If you have a baseball friend, you heard it all the time.

Miralem Pjanic witnessed one of the most athletic soccer players ever, so of course he thinks he could play another sport...

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