Crappy Sleep: Lamar Odom Admits To Using Bed As Bathroom

Lamar Odom spent his NBA career dropping dimes. And now that he's retired, he's dropping deuces -- in bed.

Over the weekend, Odom admitted to shitting the bed on live TV.

"#ShitHappens...My fart turned to shart and BAM im on TMZ..." Odom said in a since deleted Instagram post.

Shakespearean, am I right?

Odom's misjudged leakage took place during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, a CBS reality series that has cameras rolling 24/7.

In a recent episode of the reality series, Odom was seen vigorously showering, scrubbing his body with the same ferocity he once used to defend premier players in the NBA. When fellow housemate Mirai Nagasu, an Olympic figure skater, spotted Odom's unusual shower theatrics, he spilled the beans about his accidental blow out.

"I just took a shit in my bed," Odom said matter-of-factly.

Odom then elaborated on the situation -- an unfortunate choice for all involved -- and claimed that it was the damn beef jerky that did him in.


"I actually suffer from lactose intolerance and IBS so last night's late night snack on @bigbrothercbs of beef jerky sticks, candy and warm milk was a stomach ache waiting to happen," Odom said via Instagram.

Though he's now the butt of a lot of jokes, Odom is still able to laugh about his bedroom blunder.

"The bad thing is (Pepto Bismol) hasn't reached out to me for an endorsement deal yet," Odom added.

All you kids at home, take this as a warning. If you're thinking about snapping into a Slim Jim before catching some Zs, you'd better think twice. Or at least have a spare pair of underwear nearby, just in case.


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