COVID Mortality By Age Range Proves That The Virus Is Not A Death Sentence

The COVID population fatality ratios since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, divided by single years of age, were released today. The data shows exactly what we’ve known for months: COVID just isn’t as dangerous as the left would have us believe, especially to children.

From ages 1 year to 16 years, the mortality rate currently stands below one single death per 100k cases. That’s not 1 percent mortality; that’s one one-thousandth of one percent mortality. And because the medical establishment adopted the standard practice of reporting all deaths with even a whiff of COVID as a “COVID death,” the true number of children who have died specifically from COVID should, statistically speaking, be even lower.

By comparison, pediatric flu deaths during the pandemic have outpaced pediatric COVID deaths 2-1 (and in some bad flu years, like 2012, outpaced COVID deaths almost 6-1).

To arrive at an age range vulnerable enough to lose triple digits per 100k, or a 1% mortality rate, you have to run all the way up the chart to age 78 and above. In fact, even in the most elderly populations (85+), a statistical grouping in which COVID is widely seen as an automatic death sentence, the SURVIVAL rate is above 97%. That’s right, for every 100k elderly patients who have been attached to a COVID diagnosis, only 2,836 actually died.

In short, COVID may be the greatest con in the history of propagandized government overreach. An entire world of bleeding heart liberals have been convinced that a COVID diagnosis is akin to a death sentence, while the complete opposite is true.

In the battle over medical misinformation, these statistics should be the first and only marker in any debate. Because every debate eventually devolves into a matter of public health consciousness, this information should truly be all that matters. Save this story, save these figures, and save a liberal from itself.

Author's note: Twitter would not let me copy the COVID-related tweets that contributed to this story. Thanks to Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) for assembling and distributing the data. Big Tech censorship is real.