Could Jay Wright, Greg Popovich Change The Landscape Of The East?

With a decision from the Philadelphia 76ers on Brett Brown expected tomorrow, Philly could join the Brooklyn Nets in a search for a new coach. Villanova's Jay Wright and Spurs guru Greg Popovich swirl in the Twitter streets, but will they have the impact everyone thinks?

Jay Wright would be leaving a program he's already established...should he accept a job to coach a ball dominant big man in a league that moves further towards guards? Why would he? The Philadelphia 76ers are set up to fail. Unless of course the rumors of $12 million pay checks come to fruition.

Wright would probably coach badminton if that's the case.

Greg Popovich has a much harder decision to make. San Antonio has no real path to a title and he'll likely have an offer to coach Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. A duo no team in the east can top. Brooklyn will easily top Popovich's salary in San Antonio, so the only reason for him to stay is sentimental.

Most fans scoffed at the Raiders 10-year, $100 million deal, but Jon Gruden brought a fresh culture to a sinking team. Unfortunately for Philly...the NBA is a player's league. "Culture changing" NBA coaches like Phil Jackson aren't usually available. Brooklyn has a rare opportunity to capture a culture changing coach. If Pop leaves Texas Roadhouse rolls and oil behind to cross the over the Brooklyn bridge, he can change the east.

No doubt.

Will he?

Considering Greg Popovich started in San Antonio as an assistant in 1988, highly unlikely he bails for greener grass elsewhere. We'll be pulling for someone to give it a go, but jumping ship into the NBA or swapping teams doesn't feel like a good move anymore.

Not everyone wants that LeBron pressure...

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