Comparing Villanova Fan Tweets From 2015 About Jay Wright To Those From 2018

Villanova head coach Jay Wright is currently on top of the college basketball world. After Villanova crushed Michigan to win its second National Championship in three years, Wright permanently solidified his place among the all-time greats in the sport.  However, just three years ago, the sentiment on the Main Line was not as rosy. After leading Villanova to the Final Four in 2009, Wright and the Wildcats did not make it out of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament before breaking through to win the 2016 National Championship.  In 2015, after Villanova, as a heavy favorite, lost in the second round to North Carolina State, the fan frustration was at it's peak.  Below, I compiled some 2015 tweets from after the NC State loss by some folks calling for Jay Wright to be fired, as well as some tweets and retweets from this week by those same people. Enjoy.

Mike was not happy after Nova's third early tournament exit in three years:

But now:

Very straightforward and to the point, Mike.  I like it.

Let's go to Jeff. It was a rough night for him three years ago:

Jeff seemed to be on edge this season as well:

This week: Retweeting away!

Next comes Bill, the Maryland fan. I don't know if Jay Wright was considered for the Maryland job back in 2011, but Mark Turgeon got the gig. After watching Villanova lose another early rounder in the tournament, Bill was relieved that Wright wasn't the Terps' head coach:

After a disappointing 2016-17 campaign that ended in a Maryland first round loss, Bill changed his tune:

Meet Brian. After the NC State debacle, he was pretty clear where he stood:

This week:

Dave tried to be nice back in 2015, but he was very concerned:

By 2018, the concerns were clearly quelled:

Sam wanted Jay Wright out too:

Now he's a retweeting machine, and I'm sure its glorious for him:

Congratulations to Villanova and Jay Wright. Not seeing job security being much of a concern for Jay at the moment.


(Top Photo: Charlie Niebergall, Associated Press)

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