Comparing Fan Tweets from When The Celtics Drafted Terry Rozier To Now

To the surprise of many, the Boston Celtics are still playing in the NBA postseason. Despite stars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving suffering season-ending injuries, Brad Stevens’ young squad beat the Bucks in seven games, then took out the favored Sixers in five.  One of the main contributors to the Celtics success: guard Terry Rozier.

"Scary Terry" has become a Celtics fan favorite during the playoffs. However, it wasn’t always that way. When Celtics general manager Danny Ainge drafted Rozier out of the University of Louisville with the 16th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the choice was panned by most experts and fans. The criticism was not necessarily unreasonable, as the Celtics already had two young point guards on the roster, and most experts believed that Rozier would have been available near the end of the first round.

To get a feel for the Celtics fans' anger, check out the replies on this tweet from the official Boston Celtics Twitter account posted right after the team selected Rozier in the draft.

It's safe to say that these Celtics fans are no longer upset about the pick.  Just for fun, let's take a look at a few Celtic fans' reply tweets from the 2015 draft night compared with tweets from the same fans during the past three weeks.


Check out Kevin, who, after the Rozier selection, implored the Celtics to "learn. to. draft."

Now, Kyrie is screwed because Rozier is on the team!

Kevin is having the time of his life!

Some more expressions of excitement from Kevin...


Ryan questioned Ainge's sobriety after Danny picked Scary Terry.

Now? Ryan was happy to join other Celts fans in clowning Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe for his silly comments about Rozier during Milwaukee's first round playoff series against Boston.

Some retweets...


Here's Jay during the 2015 draft, who, like many, wondered why Ainge went for another guard.

But these days, he is joining in on the Eric Bledsoe shade party.

Of course, he loves the Scary Terry T-Shirt produced by Barstool Sports.


In 2015, Nathaniel clearly wanted Ainge to pick University of Arkansas forward Bobby Portis.

Now, Nate loves Scary Terry.

Some retweets...



Three years ago, this guy was quick to express his anger with the Celtics and Rozier.

But these days, he's glowing.

Here's a fun exchange from a few weeks ago.


Back in 2015, Celtics fan Jose was not pleased with the Rozier choice, as he wanted University of Arizona forward Ronde Hollis-Jefferson.

I'm guessing he's now happy Ainge went with Rozier.


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