Colleges Are Extending Mask Mandates 'Indefinitely' Even Though They Don't Work

It can never be said that the mask zealots aren't dedicated. Mask mandates have completely failed to prevent the spread of COVID for over two years now, regardless of where they've been tried or how often they've been worn.

Yet for some dedicated proponents of pseudoscience, masking will apparently remain a permanent ritual.

Major cities across the United States are still filled with young people walking around outdoors in masks, solo masked drivers, and terrified adults putting a mask on to leave their homes, well after it's been conclusively disproven as a possible intervention.

Mask mandates have persisted into late 2022 in many settings, and despite the CDC quietly lifting their universal masking recommendation in healthcare, for many parts of the country, hospital masking might become a permanent ritual.

Colleges remain another segment of society proving to be incapable of moving on from the pandemic, with mask mandates in effect at multiple universities.

Now a new report from the New York Post details that several intend to extend universal masking "indefinitely," despite their own statistics showing it doesn't work.

Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts is perhaps the best example of this phenomenon, where mask mandates have proved completely useless at prevent the spread of COVID, which of course means that they must continue.

The Post covered an open letter written by the college's president, Beverly Daniel Tatum, which perfectly summarized the remarkable lack of logic required to continue masking:

“I am sorry to say that because of the relatively high confirmed COVID-19 case counts on campus (approximately 50 per week since the start of the semester) we will need to continue our indoor mask mandate until further notice."

How remarkable is that?

The president is essentially saying that their current mask mandate has been unable to stop a "relatively high" amount of "confirmed COVID-19 case counts" on campus, and so they'll need to continue doing it.

The less it works, the more we need it.

It's a wonderful distillation of the inherent absurdities among pro-masking groups, exemplified by the cowardice, incompetence and lack of critical thinking now inherent amongst college administrators.

Supposedly the spread of the virus on campus has, according to the letter, "taxed our campus health care system and residential services to the limit."

How can this be happening?

We know that college students are at incredibly low risk of serious complications from COVID, not to mention that Mt. Holyoke College, as committed members of the anti-science wing of the Democratic Party, mandated COVID vaccines for everyone at the school last year.

It's confusing that COVID cases have "taxed" their campus health care system to the limit, when everyone that works at the college is vaccinated and everyone who attends the college is vaccinated.

Oh, and they're boosted too.

Every employee and student is required to have at least one booster shot to attend the fall semester.

So uh, why do they need to use the health care system when they get COVID?

Shouldn't their vaccines and boosters be keeping them healthy after their mask fails to stop them from getting infected?

Unsurprisingly, no one involved in these decisions seems to be willing or able to ask or answer these questions, content to pointlessly virtue signal instead.

Amherst University is going to hold votes to determine masking policies, according to the Post:

"Faculty members will conduct an anonymous survey of their classes, either by collecting handwritten (no names!) responses to the question, ‘Should masks be required in this class?’ or by distributing a survey."

If just one person wants to continue masking, it will be required for that class.

All it takes is one person who exclusively follows partisan political misinformation while ignoring evidence, data and science, to inflict useless mask mandates on the rest of their classmates.

Trinity College in Connecticut also requires masking, with no end in sight.

Smith College. Hampshire College. All have extended mask mandates, seemingly indefinitely.

This fanatical refusal to accept reality is utterly disqualifying for everyone involved.

The CDC for not acknowledging that masks don't work, colleges for not identifying how their own data disproves their arguments, and cowardly administrators for endlessly conforming to pseudoscience to placate their political ideology.

Mask mandates are one of history's greatest embarrassments; a shining example of how experts and those who blindly follow them, panicked, tossed out evidence, and then covered up their failure with arrogance.

By not admitting they were wrong, they've continued devastating policies which hurt millions, while accomplishing nothing of value whatsoever.

Follow The Science™, they say, unless science contradicts what our political party demands.

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Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC