College Football AP Top 25 Ignores Head To Head Results

What is going on with the AP Top 25? You win games on the football field, not by journalists deciding by eye tests.

The AP Top 25 has four, count them four, teams ranked ahead of the team that beat them during the season. In each case, the teams have the exact same record.

AP Top 25: #6 Alabama and #8 Tennessee

Tennessee beat Alabama just six weeks ago. Yes, the game was in Knoxville, but they beat them on the field. Both teams are 10-2, and Tennessee's losses were both in conference. There is no reason Tennessee is ranked below Alabama in the AP Top 25.

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#14 Florida St. Is Behind #13 LSU

I have less of a problem here. LSU missed an extra point as time expired to lose this game to Florida St. Both teams have three losses.

Florida St. lost to three ranked ACC teams in a row mid-season. LSU Lost to a bad Texas A&M team this week by 15. You make the call, but to me, Florida St. beat them, they should be ahead.

AP Top 25 Ranks Utah #12 and UCLA #17

I don't get this one. Both teams sit at 9-3. Utah's three losses are to Florida, UCLA and to then-12th-ranked Oregon. They did beat USC.

UCLA losses are to then #10 Oregon, a bad loss to Arizona and to USC. Please tell me how UCLA is below this Utah team in the rankings after beating them by 10 on the field.

More PAC 12 Craziness

Oregon is ranked #15 and Oregon State is ranked #16. This Saturday, the Beavers beat the Ducks 38-34, leaving them both 9-3. Yes, Oregon is 7-2 in conference and Oregon St. is 6-3. And yes, Oregon has been highly-ranked all year.

Oregon lost two of their last three games. Oregon State won their last three games including, that win over Oregon.

You play football games to decide who is better than who. Apparently the AP and its voters do not see it that way. And I think that is flawed.

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