Coastal Carolina's Locker Room Celebration, Phil From The Bunker Lip & Potato Chip Reese's Coming Soon

College football gets much more interesting this weekend

I said it Friday and I'll say it again this morning, college football cranks up tonight with The U at Louisville. Fans will be in the stands. GameDay is in Louisville. The cheapest ticket to get in is $70 and it's starting to feel like we're going to get a better vibe out of the college game. The first two weeks of the season were clearly a chance to feel out the COVID procedures. Now things get serious.

With that said, I'd like to report that my outdoor TV project is 99% complete. The electric is perfect. The mount is in & it'll hold me hanging from it. I even tested out an old TV last night while watching Coastal Carolina. Now I just need to go out and get a 50" to fit the spot, get a rain cover and I officially have an outdoor command center in time for the SEC to get rolling next weekend.

Finally this morning, Matthew Stafford is out with a Players Tribune post talking about his white privilege. "All I can ask you to do, as we continue through this NFL season, is to close your eyes and really put yourself in other people’s shoes," he wrote. "Try for a minute to put all the social media and the politics and the arguing aside, and look within yourself."

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