CNN's Own Poll Shows Not Even Democrats Want Joe Biden To Run Again

You name the poll, and Joe Biden is taking an absolute beating in it. We've known that for just about the entire year he's been in office.

Well, guess what? Now even Democrats don't want him to run for president again.

That's right, the very man liberals voted in, is now the man liberals want out. And it's not because Biden has been less than liberal. He heeds the political left's every rally cry. But he has managed to screw up even those, liberals seem to believe.

So it's probably no surprise that a poll for CNN revealed that 51% of Democrats and Democrat-leaners don't want Biden to run again in 2024, as the Daily Wire relayed.

Yes, that poll was conducted by CNN, the network that almost never says a bad word about Democrats. So the fact that a CNN poll showed that 51% of Democrats don't like Biden means the actual number is probably closer to 71%.

Anyway, here is what CNN wrote about its own poll:

"Of those Democratic-aligned voters hoping to see Biden replaced on the ticket, 31% said it was because they didn’t want him to be reelected. Thirty-five percent said it was mostly because they doubted Biden’s ability to win against a Republican candidate, and the rest offered up other reasons for wanting to switch up the ticket — the most common (19%) being concerns about Biden’s age. (Biden will turn 82 in November 2024.)

There's more.

"Democratic-aligned voters also aren’t yet gravitating en masse toward any specific alternatives: Only 12% of all Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters wanted to see a nominee who isn’t Biden and had a specific alternative in mind," CNN wrote. "No individual candidate was named by more than 5% of those who didn’t want Biden atop the ticket."

So apparently, the Democrats don't know who they want. They just know they don't want Biden.

They didn't want Donald Trump either, so you have to wonder whether liberals who elected Biden ever really liked Biden or just didn't like Trump and his brash style.

But they got what they asked for, and now they wish there is another alternative next time. Not even CNN can cover up that truth.