CNN's Chris Wallace Patronizingly Asks Terry Bradshaw About Being Considered 'Dumb'

CNN's Chris Wallace interviewed Terry Bradshaw recently and in classic intellectual elite fashion, talked down to him.

Wallace conducts interviews as part of his 'Who's Talking to Chris Wallace' series, and featured Bradshaw and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

During the discussion Wallace asked Brashaw if it "gets under (his) skin" that people see the NFL legend as "dumb."

Wallace asked about Hollywood Henderson claiming Bradshaw "couldn't spell cat."

"You had to deal, Terry, with another issue when you were applying and this was the rap that you were, forgive me, dumb. And Hollywood Henderson famously said, you know, ‘he couldn’t spell cat if he was spotted a C and an A’. Did that talk get to you? Did it get under your skin?'" Wallace asked.

Bradshaw replied, "Yes. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. The dumb image, I have yet to figure out."

Wallace Looks Down on Bradshaw

Wallace's move to CNN was an almost immediate failure.


His brand of smirking elitism has repeatedly proven off-putting in a world where most Americans view intellectual snobbery as "dumber" than Bradshaw's authenticity.

People like Wallace look down on people who sound like Bradshaw, regardless of his actual intelligence.

There's no reason to call out Bradshaw's intelligence, and the question certainly caught him off guard.

After his initial response, he continued defending himself.

"But I have taken…I’ve taken that image and had some fun with it. Yeah, I’m kind of as you know, Chris, I like to have fun in interviews. I like to entertain people. If it’s at my expense, I’m fine with it. But there are times, there are times, even at Fox, when it’s Terry’s always, you know the goofball and, and there are times where I’m I don’t say anything, but I do say to myself, enough, you know, enough."

Wallace's lack of awareness is offensive, but not surprising.

Living in a bubble of elitism unsurprisingly leads to this kind of patronizingly offensive belief system. Outside of his circles though, most of the public would much prefer to spend time with Bradshaw.

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