CNN Refuses To Mention My Name Or Outkick While Using Our Content

So yesterday on Outkick, I interviewed President Donald Trump. You might have heard about it, it was kind of a big deal. Many people called it the greatest interview in history on the most successful radio show in sports radio history. And by "many people" I mean "my mom and dad." Anyway, we had requests for our President Trump interview -- thanks again to the White House and the president for making the time for us -- from media outlets all over the country and around the world. We were happy to share those clips, but we asked just one thing in exchange for doing so: the media outlet needed to credit Outkick the Coverage and Clay Travis for their clip. That's it! We gave them our content and allowed them to use it for free and all we asked was they attribute where they got the content from. That seems like an eminently reasonable request. Most media outlets complied with this request. In fact, Fox News, to their credit, ran excerpts of our interview all day long on their network. And they identified either me or Outkick every single time as the source for their content. But that was too much for some media outlets. Such as ESPN, which agreed to credit Clay Travis and Outkick, and then failed to do so in their front page article that was based on our interview.

This is exactly why, by the way, we required the credentialing notice in the first place, because we knew outlets like ESPN and CNN, which have banned me from their airwaves, would do whatever they could to avoid mentioning me. But CNN, which remains triggered I said I loved the first amendment and boobs, took things to an absurd level to avoid mentioning or crediting me on air. Watch this clip from Don Lemon's show, where he is, of course, accusing the president of racism. For, among other things, picking Michael Jordan as a better basketball player than LeBron James.

As you can see, THEY PLAY MY VOICE ON THEIR BROADCAST, but refer to me as a host on screen rather than by name. Even more ridiculous, they credit Fox Radio for the audio they play, which, unfortunately, doesn't even exist. Fox Sports Radio exists, Fox News Radio exists, but Fox Radio doesn't exist. So CNN didn't use my name or our radio show's name despite taking our audio and they also didn't even credit an existing media company for the content they took. I mean, this is next level embarrassing and dishonest for Don Lemon and CNN. At least it would be. If CNN had any ethics left at all.

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