CNN Political Analyst Now Pushing To Make COVID Vaccinations Mandatory

CNN political analyst Julian Zelizer wrote an opinion piece that went out on Wednesday night. What was his opinion? That it's now time for the United States -- and maybe even other countries -- to start making the COVID vaccine mandatory.

The first line of the article reads: "It is time to impose vaccine mandates and passports."

I'll take "Things We Saw Coming" for $800, Alex.

Even with my lighthearted Jeopardy! spin, I find the push for forced vaccines worrisome. Sure, pretty much every sane, reasonable person knew we were eventually going to reach this point. But now that we're here, it looks even worse than we thought it would.

And get this, Zelizer uses Social Security and a mass income tax system during World War II to justify forcing people to take the vaccine.

"Created in 1935, Social Security stipulated that all industrial workers pay taxes to finance pensions for the elderly," Zelizer wrote. "During World War II, a mass income tax system and a Selective Service program were essential to defeating the global threat of fascism."

Personally, I think we're making quite a leap going from Social Security and income taxes to forcing people to inject themselves with something that they don't trust. As far as building trust in the vaccine, I don't have an exact answer on how to do that.

What I do know is taking the "hey, we're just going to make you take it" approach is not the answer. If anything, it's going to make that line in the sand even more clear and create even more division and hostility. Zelizer has to know that, right?

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