Clippers Reportedly Plan to Pursue Giannis Antetokounmpo

Exhausting NBA free agency talk is back.

According to The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor — a connected and trusted reporter — the Clippers plan to pursue Giannis Antetokounmpo, who will annoyingly dominate the rumor mill until he signs in 2021.

"Multiple league sources have recently said the Clippers plan to pursue a deal for Giannis," O'Connor writes. "One of the sources said Giannis has an “admiration” for Clippers head coach Doc Rivers."

Los Angeles' interest is quite an eye-opener. Giannis rumors have been in full force for months, but never a mention of the Clippers.

Giannis with Kawhi Leonard creates a frightening vision. Come decision time (Giannis still has another year left on his deal) they'll be the two best players in the NBA, if they are not already.

If the Clippers manage to keep Paul George in a potential sign-and-trade — cancel the season.

The idea is troubling, not fun. The NBA is more interesting when it is not a one-team league with about 27 irrelevant squads. Three years of Kevin Durant in Golden State spoiled superteams for the next two decades.

Luckily, LA is not the only destination reported. O'Connor lists Miami, Golden State, Toronto, and staying in Milwaukee as four other options.

"Milwaukee may have enough options to convince its superstar to stay, whether it’s a Chris Paul trade or something else."

Is a 35-year-old Paul who looked finished a year ago the answer? Hopefully.

I wonder how LeBron will weasel his way into this conversation and change teams for the fourth time in his career?

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