Clay: Will Biden Truly Be President Of All Of America?

President Joe Biden was sworn into office on Wednesday. Any transition of power comes with questions, and OutKick's Clay Travis certainly had a few of his own. He discussed some of them during his show following the inauguration.

"I'm left with several different questions, but the primary one is, is Joe Biden going to fulfill his promise to be the president of all America or will we end up even more in internecine, basically Civil War, red America, blue America?"

There is something to be said about taking a reasonable approach. Not forming an opinion based on how the masses are telling you to think, but allowing facts, logic and precedent to lead the way to an informed argument or opinion.

"My audience has skyrocketed by me just being totally reasonable," Clay said during the segment. "There is such an absence of reasonableness in this country, that just being a reasonable guy, a rational guy, has allowed me to actually dominate in terms of my audience.

"I'm not lecturing everybody all the time on how awful you are or how awful this person is, or that person is, I'm just trying to be reasonable. And I'm trying to apply precedent, no matter what, just like a judge or Supreme Court justice would. Use your arguments to fulfill existing precedents and be consistent."

Sounds pretty reasonable, right?

There's also the question of where the news goes from here, which Clay points out. President Donald J. Trump has been such a heavy-hitter where news coverage is concerned. With all his social media accounts now banned, where does the media go from here?

It was a packed six minutes of content. Clay also covered topics such as Democratically-run cities opening back up. It's certainly worth the watch.

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