Clay Travis: Andy Dalton Signing Puts Pressure on Dak Prescott

Clay Travis here. Third day in a row on the beach.

Came down to Panama City beach today.  Let’s show the crowd down the beach. Absolutely packed.

Encouraging people to live their lives all over the country wherever you may be.

I’m in Florida, obviously. Living my life much like Andy Dalton is living his life.

We’ve got drama down in Dallas.  The Cowboys signing Andy Dalton to back up Dak Prescott.

Couple of interesting angles here.

First of all, Andy Dalton is a heck of a backup.  I know it is easy to make fun of the Bengals and talk about what a disaster they’ve been.

But they’ve actually done pretty decent with Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton.  The numbers on Andy Dalton are pretty outstanding especially when you consider the expectations when he came in from the league out of TCU as a second round draft pick.

This puts on a little bit more pressure on Dak Prescott because if he doesn’t sign his franchise tender and show up, then the Cowboys have a pretty good option with Andy Dalton.

They signed him for 3 million. He could make up to 7 million.

We already know that Dak came in and took advantage of the opportunity when he got it with Tony Romo injured.

Drama, drama, drama.  Jerry Jones is letting it be known that he is ready to roll with his team whether Dak is going to be there or not.

Hope all of you are having a fantastic Sunday. Enjoy the Last Dance tonight.  We will be live tomorrow from 6 - 9am Eastern on Outkick.

Appreciate you making April the biggest month in podcast history — we were up 25%. Love you guys.  This has been an update from the beach, day 3.