Clay on Fox: White House Needs To Quit Being Cowardly, Make Call On NCAA Transgender Rule

There are biological males competing against women in the NCAA, and frankly, those biological males are dominating. Take, for instance, the case of Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, which we have thoroughly chronicled at OutKick. Other outlets, of course, have chosen to ignore the story.

Anyway, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether the Biden administration considers this madness to be fair. Naturally, she more or less dodged the question, saying only that "the NCAA obviously put these rules in place."

Gosh, thanks for the insight.

And that about sums up the response OutKick founder Clay Travis gave to Psaki's non-answer when discussing the topic on his latest Fox News hit.

"Look, this is a direct assault on women's athletics. It goes to the question of whether we are going to have the best man or the best woman win, which is the foundation of all competition in this country," Clay said. "The reason why Jen Psaki is dodging this question, the reason why Joe Biden has not weighed in, is because it requires them to analyze their pyramid of victim nation.

"And they have to decide, are they going to come down in favor of women's athletics -- Title IX as well -- or are they going to come down in favor of biological men competing against women after deciding to identify as women? That requires them to pick between two strong points of their overall governing nexus. And so they pretend that there's no choice to be made."

But that's not reality.

"The reality is that you have to make a choice," Clay said. "You either believe that women should compete against women, and men should compete against men, or you don't. And let me point this out -- the government has gotten involved in issues of fairness in sports before. They had congressional hearings over steroids in baseball. ...

"The NCAA has basically bungled everything. So the White House deferring to the NCAA is cowardice."

For Clay's full take on Fox, including what needs to happen, check out the video below.