Clay & Buck: Vaccine Mandates Were Actually The Plan All Along

At one point, the COVID-19 vaccine was expected to be a matter of personal choice. But those days are long gone, OutKick founder Clay Travis said on on his radio program, The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show.

"Basically, wherever you might be going, they are going to require that you show a COVID vaccine passport in order to enter those establishments," Clay said.

It won't end there, either.

"That's not enough, by the way," Clay continued. "It never is enough, as the continued creep of authoritarianism extends across the country even as we are now 19 months into the COVID insanity."

Buck chimed in with similar thoughts.

"They have been pretending that it was supposed to be, 'We're going to make the case to you, but we're going to leave it up to you,'" he said. "But in reality ... it's been, 'We're going to ask you, we're going to encourage, and then we're going to make you.' That's been the game all along."

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