Chuck Schumer Breaks Indoor Mask Mandate, Dance Floor Celebrating New Infrastructure Bill

Chuck Schumer caught Saturday Night Fever on a Friday night — seen dancing maskless in a crowded party room floor, visiting for the SOMOS Conference in Puerto Rico. The senator's dance moves were likely inspired by President Biden's newly approved infrastructure bill.

In a video tweeted out by New York Times' Emma Fitzsimmons, Schumer was spotted hitting unique moves at the gathering: orbiting his dance partner, with arms glued to his sides like a Hanna-Barbera character.

Most puzzling from the scene was the lack of masking in the crowded area: considering the New York Democrat's seriousness with the waning COVID-19 pandemic and insistence on mandates.

Though often spotted defying mask mandates — this time in opposition to Puerto Rico's federal ruling — Schumer's carefree attitude with bypassing his own touted restrictions promotes the Dems' comfort with political theater. Nearly two years since the nation first locked down.

The celebrated piece of legislation, heavily championed by Democrats, was passed late Friday (vote: 228-206), and is set to add $1.2 trillion in government spending, pending approval from the White House.

Republicans, in general, weren't thrilled over the select members of the party that signed off on the insipid infrastructure spending plan. Republican Senator Bill Hagerty out of Tennessee was surprised by the vote, appearing on Fox News Saturday to discuss.

"It was very surprising to me to see 13 Republicans basically bail Nancy Pelosi out," commented Sen. Hagerty. "She did not have the votes within her own party to do this. We had 13 Republicans that decided to step up and help her in this way, and what they did is put themselves on a path to early retirement."

Chuck Schumer continues his hustle: on and off the dance floor.

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