Christian McCaffrey's Weird Workout In Olivia Culpo's Pool

Christian McCaffrey continues to be in a relationship quarantine with Olivia Culpo, the former Miss USA and Miss Universe, and is so serious about this relationship quarantine that he's not even leaving Culpo's house to do a weird water workout. Culpo, her sister Sophia and even Christian's mom, Lisa, are creating content around the Panthers running back busting out a snorkel and ankle weights.

And this was on day one of Culpo and McCaffrey returning to her Los Angeles house after spending quarantine in Colorado where the two did birthdays and created content such as Olivia showing off a Memorial Day party spread. They get back to Los Angeles and we instantly get Christian's aqua workout and Culpo playing a cello while in a white bikini.

What an offseason for these two. He has a new $64 million contract and Culpo's house was renovated. Here's hoping Olivia, 28, has finally found that forever athlete after striking out with Tim Tebow who wouldn't have sex with her and then Danny Amendola, who didn't have a high enough profile for Olivia.

Watch Sophia Culpo and Olivia treat this poor guy like a piece of meat:

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