China Denies WHO Chance To Research Possible COVID Origins

China apparently wants to keep the precise origins of the coronavirus a secret and keep itself open to suspicion.

For instance, it won't even allow the World Health Organization to search caves or farms near Wuhan, where the virus is believed to have originated. WHO researchers actually would be looking for bats in both places.

"Scientists believe those animals could have potentially been an intermediate host for the virus to spread from bats to humans — and argue that investigating the farms is a key step to determining the origins of the pandemic," the New York Post relayed.

But no deal, the communist nation says. WHO has been denied.

"One potential theory arising from natural transmission could be that the virus was passed from a bat to an intermediate host, such as a farm animal that went on to be sold at a wet market," the Post wrote. "Beijing, meanwhile, has repeatedly claimed that the pandemic originated elsewhere."

This has been the norm for China since the pandemic took off in 2020, shutting down much of the world's economy. It's been a lot of undisclosed information and a lot of mystery.

"Scientists believe the caves could potentially present a pathway for how the virus spread from bats to other animals, or humans, before reaching Wuhan — but nothing is concrete because of Beijing’s refusal to allow access," the Post wrote.