China Demands Outlets Block Airing Oscars Live Over Nomination of Hong Kong Protest Doc

If there are odds on what LeBron James will protest next, put me down for the 2021 Oscars.

Media outlets in China have received a directive from the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department to ban live airings of this year’s Oscars. In addition, outlets are told to provide only "limited coverage" of the event.

The decision is reportedly a response to the nomination of Do Not Split for Best Documentary Short Subject. The documentary chronicles the 2019 Hong Kong protests, and its accuracy has China in an uproar.

Per China's demand, the limited-but-maybe-allowed coverage should focus only on "non-controversial nominees."

Ahh, I see.

CCTV, a Chinese state-run TV network, says it is awaiting word on whether it can air the Oscars at all, adding that current demands were issued only to local media outlets. The wait continues.

So, how long until LeBron slams the Oscars and/or the film Do Not Split?

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