Chiefs Issue Headdress Ban At Arrowhead Stadium, Certain Face Paint Prohibited

The Kansas City Chiefs announced the organization is banning fans from wearing headdresses at Arrowhead Stadium and there will also be a ban on face painting "styled in a way that references or appropriates American Indian cultures," according to a release sent out on social media.

The Drum Deck referenced in the letter to fans is an American Indian-themed drum placed in a section of the upper deck where special guests would beat on the drum to fire up Chiefs fans. Just one year ago, the Drum Deck was getting a facelift and was prominently displayed on the Chiefs Facebook page. Now it sounds like the drum area will go under for another facelift.

It's been a summer of change around the NFL, a league that now has a team called the Washington Football Team. While the Chiefs aren't changing their nickname, it's clear that Indian symbolism is being phased out by the organization.

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